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Web Traffic Generator
Web Traffic Generator

- Send unlimited visits in a single click.

- Enforce Search Engines To Crawl Your Website.

- Improve Your Website's Rank and SERPs

Add-on: Zero Bounce Rate
One Social Browser

- Free Forever License

- Control all your social accounts from only One Window

- Unlimited profiles for each network

Add-on: Zero Bounce Rate
Website Bounce Rate Control

- Creative tool to improve your website bounce rate

- Adjust Bounce Rate to any value from ZERO to 100

Add-on: YouTube Video Views
YouTube Video Views

- Generate unlimited views to any YouTube video type.

- CTR Simulation for Google and major search engines.

Add-on: YouTube Video Views
Fast Hits for Traffic Sellers

- Give your application the ability to send also large traffic quantities

- Mix Traffic: Full control to choose the best for each customer single job


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All InMillion apps are:

Available in 10 interface languages.

Real Human Behavior is 100% Guaranteed.

Using the power security of Chromium.

Free trial available, instantly activatation. No registration or credit card required.

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Web Traffic Generator


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  • How much your automation is safe and trusted?


    Our software developed Real Browser Engines: Selenium WebDriver on Chrome and Edge Browser with all of the security power by Google & Microsoft

    All of our apps are digitally signed with DigiCert, safe and verified with any Windows OS

  • Do I have to subscribe to a monthly plan or it's a lifetime license?


    Your license is valid for lifetime, no monthly or yearly subscription. Pay onetime, use and update for lifetime.

  • Do you guarantee money back?


    Yes! Your money back is guaranteed for 14 days. If for any reason or no reason at all you are not satisfied, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

  • Can I manage my licenses from my side?


    Yes! Once you activate your license, you will get a free web account that allows you to manage your license, move it to any new PC even if you lost the access to the old PC.

  • Where to know more about your software?